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July 13, 2020

Discover our “Special Italy” obtained ONLY from italian milk

In the sky of Tanelli a very special star shines, because it is born from the Italian excellence, creativity and inventiveness. It even says its name: Special Italy. Cheese made with 100% Italian milk and obtained exclusively from whole shapes. From all the goodness of our territory comes this special star: a fresh and healthy ingredient, […]

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Merry Christmas from us and from our Tanelli Line… discover it here!

Christmas contdown has begun and, waiting to see the sleigh fly, there is someone else in the sky who wants to wish you Merry Christmas. It is the complete Tanelli Line, ready to make your festivity even better and more comfortable. Our gift for you is to offer you different shapes and packaging, quality products […]

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If we told you that in a distant galaxy, there is a cheese similar to the “Cuore di Forma” but with vegetable rennet, would you believe it? No? Prepare to change your mind because Tanelli is happy to bring “Cuore di Forma” into the best kitchens, all the substance, density and goodness of the central part of […]

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