Tanelli the cheese takes shape.

Since 1977 our business has drawn inspiration from one objective: conferring a new shape to cheese so that it can be more easily tasted and more handily used for cooking. For this reason, we process, grate and cut it. At ours CHEESE TAKES SHAPE.However, we are not content with little: our work is to realize always new shapes and packaging in order to simplify the habits of those who love cheese. It is our way to be always a step ahead, or rather to be ALWAYS A CHEESE AHEAD.


Since June 2009 the company has doubled its structure to cover 2000 square metres, about 80% of which is used for production and is divided into the following areas: a preparation area where the cheeses are de-moulded and the forms cut; a product packaging and storage area and an equipment washing area, while the remaining area is used for storing packaging, ingredients and other auxiliary materials. All these areas are appropriately compartmentalised. The characteristics of all these areas conform to current hygiene standards.



Our work is based on the full respect of every person in order to develop long- lasting collaborative relations with our partners.


We employ skills and technologies par excellence to guarantee a high-quality product and service to our customers.


We firmly believe in the cooperation and development of joint projects as an instrument to maximize our partners’ satisfaction.


We conscientiously manage our plants and the produced waste in order to achieve high levels of efficiency and to preserve the quality of the environment we operate in.


We are constantly looking for innovative solutions making it easier to taste cheese in order to meet and to anticipate market needs.


A craftsmanlike perspective paired with great flexibility enables us to offer solutions designed for the specific customer needs.


With a craftsmanlike perspective, we process the best matured and semi- matured types of cheese, whether they are national or international, PDO or not, in order to deliver a product and service within the perspective of continuous innovation as well as high and steady certified quality.

Production cycle

Our customers deserve a top-quality product.

That is why our production processi s strictly controlled and employs cutting-edge equipment and plants. Washing and sanitization carried out at the end of each processing guarantee the strict observance of sanitary regulations. The storage warehouse and our own fleet of vehicles ensure the timeliness of delivers.


The packaging is made from materials that comply with the regulations and do not release toxic or dangerous substances to the food. It is designed to facilitate handling and transport of a certain amount of sales units or multiple packagings to avoid their manipulation and damages related to the transport.

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