A product line designed for retailing in order to offer the full quality and convenience of the cheese processed by Tanelli.
By means of always new shapes and packaging, we mean to facilitate tasting and using cheese influencing consumer habits for this product in this way.


We have developed special processes and sizes in order to meet the needs of food wholesalers and distributors. Continuos research into innovative solutions and the realization of joint projects enable us to offer cuts and sizes to intermediate traders and their customers developed on the basisof specific requests.

Packets 5g - 7g - 20g - 40g - 50g - 100g - 150g - 200g - 400g - 500g - 1Kg - 2Kg - 2,5Kg - 5Kg
Trays 500g - 1Kg - 2Kg
Cup 100g - 150g
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We process cheese on behalf of the dairy businesses intending to reach new customer target groups. For this type of customer, we process cheese for third parties offering also full services.

Third Party Processing

We supply a processing service on behalf of dairy businesses and consortia. Raw materials, packaging and anything necessary for processing is received from the customer; we render the finished product according to the specifications defined in the project concerned.

Full Service Processing

We process cheese, autonomuosly providing for raw materials, and deliver the final product in the packaging and sizes requested by the customer.

Packets 5g - 7g - 20g - 40g - 50g - 100g - 150g - 200g - 400g - 500g - 1Kg - 2Kg - 2,5Kg - 5Kg
Trays 500g - 1Kg - 2Kg
cup 100g - 150g
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We process cheese, making it immediately usable for the food industry, which employs it as an ingredient for their recipes. In addition to processing, the service includes product analyses and the delivery of a product data sheet.

Product analyses

We guarantee quality controls on both incoming and outgoing products for the purpose of checking the compliance with specifications in terms of composition and properties.

Product data sheet

All products are accompanied by data sheets to ensure composition and properties (e.g. mould level) as well as the compliance with regulations.

Packets 1Kg - 2,5Kg - 5Kg

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