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Vegetable rennet cheeses

Not all cheeses are vegetarian. In Italy, most of them are not cruelty free, due to the presence of animal rennet, which involves the use of animal parts of sheep and pigs during the cheese production process.

People who follow a vegetarian diet often have great difficulties in finding the right cheese, which should not be prepared with animal rennet but, for obvious reasons, with the

vegetable one.
That’s why Tanelli has pursued his research into innovative and increasingly diverse solutions to make the taste of cheese suitable for everyone.
Among cubes, flakes, julienne and grated, the goal is to trace an ever-wider circle of consumers, through products that are also suitable for those who have decided to eliminate from their diet any animal derivative.
A clear example of how Tanelli is always a cheese ahead, is the specific offer of Cheese with vegetable rennet. The company proposes a product that maintains the taste of tradition, while using a slightly modified formula in the production technique.
These are interesting novelties by which Tanelli is able to meet the demands of new consumer bands, such as vegetarians, who no longer have any problems in identifying a product that is free of animal rennet. Given its characteristics and high quality, this type of cheese also meets the growing demand from foreign markets, especially in places where, for ethical reasons, no dairy products containing rennet obtained from the stomach of the calf goat are consumed.
For those who need to change their diet, for those who are curious to experience new products, for those who are intolerant or allergic to lactose, for those who do not want to feed the dairy market for the welfare of animals, there is only to select Tanelli cheese 100% vegetable.
A food of great acclaim, healthy, rich of property with vegetable rennet, which also brings cheese alongside veg diets.

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