July 13, 2020

Discover our “Special Italy” obtained ONLY from italian milk

In the sky of Tanelli a very special star shines, because it is born from the Italian excellence, creativity and inventiveness. It even says its name: Special Italy. Cheese made with 100% Italian milk and obtained exclusively from whole shapes. From all the goodness of our territory comes this special star: a fresh and healthy ingredient, […]

Merry Christmas from us and from our Tanelli Line… discover it here!

Christmas contdown has begun and, waiting to see the sleigh fly, there is someone else in the sky who wants to wish you Merry Christmas. It is the complete Tanelli Line, ready to make your festivity even better and more comfortable. Our gift for you is to offer you different shapes and packaging, quality products […]


If we told you that in a distant galaxy, there is a cheese similar to the “Cuore di Forma” but with vegetable rennet, would you believe it? No? Prepare to change your mind because Tanelli is happy to bring “Cuore di Forma” into the best kitchens, all the substance, density and goodness of the central part of […]


Who are the many little stars that form the Tanelli galaxy? Here them! Shiny in the sky the convenient bags of 5 and 7g, mini in size, but great in practicality. A unique product on the market, which preserves all the taste and characteristics of the cheese: from Grana Padano PDO to that from organic farming […]


Already cut, portioned and ready to use … what to ask for better? The new Grana Padano PDO basg in cubes, flakes, julienne and grated by Tanelli are ready to be launched towards new worlds. Objective of the trip: make the use of cheese simpler and more practical. How? With a convenient single-dose pack, immedietaly usable for all […]


Comfort or absolute goodness? Both. The irresistible Edamer cubes by Tanelli reach the speed of light, like small asteroids, ready to add a stellar touch to your preparations in all practicality. Cheese fully dressed even in new bags and trays, customizable with your brand! Delicate and characterized by small holes, Edamer prepares for a universe of […]

Tanelli, Red Carpet trays

Behind every successful cheese pack there is always a great “stylist”. A true strategist of the image, a guru of personalization, Tanelli presents and shows off on the red carpet his Grana Padano PDO trays, in flakes, julienne and grated. Tanelli is the secret of their incredible look, elegant and capable of transforming a simple star into […]

Tanelli waits for you to Cibus, from May 7th to 10th 2018

Where there is Tanelli, there is innovation in the transformation of cheese. It’s our way of always being a step forward, rather to be ALWAYS A CHEESE AHEAD, to make your consumption more convenient and practical. That’s why we could not miss at Cibus 2018, 19th International Food Exhibition, the reference event for the Italian Agri-food […]


Three, two, one… GO! The new bags of Grana Padano PDO and DOP Biologico in flakes, julienne and grated by Tanelli are about to arrive in a new universe. Every day a different challenge for the company, which this time chooses salads and ready meals as the main destination for this 2018 novelty. Purpose of the shipment: make the […]

Tanelli, STAR customizations

What do you do when you want to treat yourself to a dinner with friends in the most beautiful restaurant in the area? You think of the look! So, Tanelli’s Grana Padano DOP is prepared with style for the catering and Ho.Re.Ca world, dressing up with a new pack, customizable with your brand. Sartorial cut both […]

Tanelli in the sign of organic

All the taste of the organic Tanelli cheese, naturally lactose-free Under the star of organic borns a product with an edge over: it is the Grana Padano DOP from organic farming of the Tanelli line. Less pesticides, naturally lactose-free and without preservatives, are derived exclusively from milk produced with a breeding method that drastically reduces the use […]

Our EXCELLENCE… in 1000 and more shapes

What makes the Tanelli brand unique? The ability to differentiate its range with a wide variety of cuts and sizes to respond to different consumer needs. When the product arrives in the company, Tanelli’s job is turning it into… EXCELLENCE. And this is also with the best MADE IN ITALY cheeses. Grana Padano DOP, Pecorino Romano DOP and Trentingrana […]

Cubes, flakes, julienne and grated…

All cutting realized in a craftsmanlike perspective for a product-service within high certified quality. Today we want to reveal the secret of the company Tanelli. What makes his work special since 1977? Everything is born out of the passion in offering to the consumer cutting and innovative sizes of the best matured and semi-matured types […]

Cheese with vegetable rennet, the ideal for a vegeterian diet

Dear visitor, Tanelli continues its search for innovative solutions, always different sizes to make easier the taste of the cheese. The company’s secret is enclosed in the passion for their work. Cubes, flakes, julienne and grated, the goal is be always oriented to good taste, also VEGETABLE RENNET. Today we present you Cheese with vegetable rennet, the example of […]

Grana Padano DOP freshly grated naturally free of lactose

Tanelli continues its search for innovative solutions, always different sizes to make easier the taste of the cheese. The company’s secret is enclosed in the passion for their work. Cubes, flakes, julienne and grated, the goal is be always oriented to good taste, today alsoLACTOSE-FREE. Today we present you GRANA PADANO DOP freshly grated, the example of […]

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