July 13, 2020

Cheese with vegetable rennet, the ideal for a vegeterian diet

Dear visitor, Tanelli continues its search for innovative solutions, always different sizes to make easier the taste of the cheese. The company’s secret is enclosed in the passion for their work. Cubes, flakes, julienne and grated, the goal is be always oriented to good taste, also VEGETABLE RENNET.

Today we present you Cheese with vegetable rennet, the example of how Tanelli is always a cheese ahead, proposing a product that keeps the taste of tradition while using a slightly modified formula. Thanks to this novelty, the company is able to meet the demands of new consumer bands, such as vegetarians, who no longer have any problems in finding a product free of animal rennet. Given its characteristics and high quality, this type of cheese also meets the growing demand from foreign markets, especially in places where, for ethical reasons, no dairy products containing rennet of animal origin are consumed.

A healthy food, rich in property and without animal rennet, which also brings the cheese alongside green diets.

Did you like CHEESE WITH VEGETABLE RENNET? Let’s meet again with the next issue to introduce other important innovations and products from Tanelli’s world!

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