July 13, 2020

Grana Padano DOP freshly grated naturally free of lactose

Tanelli continues its search for innovative solutions, always different sizes to make easier the taste of the cheese.
The company’s secret is enclosed in the passion for their work. Cubes, flakes, julienne and grated, the goal is be always oriented to good taste, today alsoLACTOSE-FREE.

Today we present you GRANA PADANO DOP freshly grated, the example of how Tanelli is always a cheese ahead, with products naturally FREE OF LACTOSE and with galactose less than 10 mg/100 g.

Everyone is more or less sensitive to lactose, although not showing symptoms. It’s important to know that more a cheese is aged, more the lactose is transformed and disappears completely after 36 months of aging. For those who suffer from allergies and intolerances or who simply want to eat healthy and well, GRANA PADANO DOP freshly grated perfectly meets the needs of the modern consumers, always attentive to nutrition and oriented to products lightweight, genuine and suitable for everyone.

On all our packs of GRANA PADANO DOP freshly grated  the supply chain is guaranteed “from farm to fork” through ICEA certification, the inspection body authorized by MIPAAF, which ensures traceability of raw materials and the protection of the consumer.

A healthy food, rich in property and lactose-free thanks to the natural process of cheese making and aging.

Did you like GRANA PADANO DOP freshly grated? Let’s meet again with the next issue to introduce other important innovations and products from Tanelli’s world!

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