July 13, 2020

Our EXCELLENCE… in 1000 and more shapes

What makes the Tanelli brand unique? The ability to differentiate its range with a wide variety of cuts and sizes to respond to different consumer needs. When the product arrives in the company, Tanelli’s job is turning it into… EXCELLENCE.
And this is also with the best MADE IN ITALY cheeses.
Grana Padano DOP, Pecorino Romano DOP and Trentingrana through our innovative cuttings and processing are transformed into an excellent product-service from high and constant certified quality.

DOP, therefore, but also easier to enjoy and practical to use to satisfy everyone who loves cheese in any form.

Here are our processing and cutting:

  • CUBES – 6X6; 6X10; 15X15; 29X29
  • FLAKES – 29X29; 10X10; 15X15; 29X3
  • JULIENNE – X29; X10; X15

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