July 13, 2020


Already cut, portioned and ready to use … what to ask for better? The new Grana Padano PDO basg in cubes, flakes, julienne and grated by Tanelli are ready to be launched towards new worlds. Objective of the trip: make the use of cheese simpler and more practical. How?

With a convenient single-dose pack, immedietaly usable for all Food companies specialized in assembling ready-to-use dishes. This new entry 2018 is in fact the ideal to be included in various consumption occasions, for example, in salads for the lunch break in office or in carpaccio of meat already enriched by tasty cheese flakes.

Versatile also in the grammage, the small bags are 10 g, 15 g, 20 g, 30 g, 40 g and 50 g and show the Grana Padano logo alongside the specific one defined by the European Union, which marks the Protected Designation of Origin products.

Last but not least, Tanelli is able to transform simple sachets into a style icon of your brand, dressing them with your logo and making them immediately recognizable to the eyes of your customers and consumers.

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