July 13, 2020

Tanelli in the sign of organic

All the taste of the organic Tanelli cheese, naturally lactose-free

Under the star of organic borns a product with an edge over: it is the Grana Padano DOP from organic farming of the Tanelli line.

Less pesticides, naturally lactose-free and without preservatives, are derived exclusively from milk produced with a breeding method that drastically reduces the use of chemical synthesis substances, such as pesticides.

naturally lactose-free cheese, perfect for those suffering from intolerances or for those who simply want to eat healthy and well, being oriented towards light, genuine product and suitable for everyone. In more, Grana Padano DOP from Organic Agriculture it does not contain lysozyme, the egg protein present in certain products such as conventional Grana Padano.

All these advantages are guaranteed by the ICEA certification, the inspection body authorized by MIPAAF, which ensures the traceability of raw materials to protect the consumer and the logo “Il nostro latte”, which ensures the area of origin of the milk and the respect of the established parameters.

With the Grana Padano DOP from organic farming of the Tanelli line, available in packs of 5 g, 100 g and 1/8 of shape, the company promotes a model of sustainable development, aimed at safeguarding the environment and territory and enhancing the quality of the resources in local communities.

Always a cheese ahead, even in the sign of organic!

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• 5g grated Grana Padano POD from organic agricolture
• 100g grated Grana Padano POD from organic agricolture
• Eight wheel Grana Padano POD from organic agriculture

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